Hair Services

Haircut & Styling Services
Professional, Funky, Fun, Elegant, Bouncy, Straight, Trendy.
It’s all about you!

After an IN-DEPTH CONSULTATION, our professional stylists expertly SHAPE AND TEXTURIZE to create a cut that reflects your individuality. It’s a creative process that’s true to your wishes. Discover a “look” that is uniquely yours.

Prices start at:
Shampoo, Cut & Style – includes shampoo, finishing rinse and styling

Women   –   $40 – $60 +

Men    –   $30 – $40

Shampoo & Style  –   $25-40

Conditioning Treatment w/o Style  –  $20

Conditioning Treatment With Style  –   $40

Formal Up-Style and Braiding (Special Occasion)  –   $60 +

Beard or Bang Trim  –  $5

Child Haircut (10 & under)  –   $25

Hairdreams Hair Extensions Per consultation

Color Services
Sultry, Fiery, Bombshell, Sun-Kissed

If it’s DRAMATIC COLOR, a subtle natural look or something in between, we can do it!  Discover the FULL RANGE OF POSSIBILITIES.  The end result will revitalize, add dimension and highlight to your hair type. We do not do bleaching. 

Color Enhancement (includes shampoo, conditioning and styling)

Corrective Color – An art-form unto itself!
A consultation prior to your appointment is essential. Because each treatment is custom, price is provided only after consultation.

•To extend the vibrancy and intensity of your color, we recommend our color specific shampoos and conditioners.
•Please wear the smock provided for chemical services.
•We can’t be responsible for damage to your clothing unless you’re wearing the protective cape.


Single Application Color    $60 +

Foil Highlights  $50 -120

Mini    $50+  ($5 per foil for 10 or less) 

Partial    $60 – $85

Full    $90 – $120 

Eyebrow tint  $15

Corrective Color   $100+ (based on complimentary consultation prior to service)

Coils, Curls, Wavy, Smooth

Whether you want CONTROL, VOLUME, or a NEW LOOK,  our designers will help you achieve it.  Let our expert stylists recommend a TEXTURIZING TREATMENT that’s right for you hair type.




The most innovative and effective Professional Smoothing Treatment in the world. Leaves hair  smooth & frizz-free WITHOUT harsh chemicals.

 The Brazilian Blowout improves the condition of the hair by adding a protective protein layer around the hair shaft which smooths the cuticle to eliminate frizz. There are no harsh chemicals or damage done to the hair. It is a 90 minute process and the minute you leave the salon you can wash and dry your hair. The results last for up to 12 weeks. There are four Acai aftercare products(shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum)  that ensure longer lasting results.  


Brazilian Blowout  Treatment  –  $250. +       

 $160. –  All 4 aftercare products

Volumizing – Curls, Coils, Body $70 – 100

Prevention or Repair Scalp & Hair Treatments – Our staff will custom blend a prescription just for you.